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Educate, Elevate and Empower women across the globe.

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Educate Elevate & Empower Women in Business

About Our International Programs

The I Am Worth It Projects mission is to increase the personal and economic empowerment of women across the globe.

We operate from our own technology enhanced training facility with the ability to teach instructor led virtual training across the globe.

We understand that a single focus solution of addressing only business skill training does not lead to a significant impact.

We must address the key concerns that women can be more risk adverse, lack the confidence, worthiness and belief to even get started.

At the I Am Worth It Project we start with the internal transformation that is necessary for women to build the courage, the worth and the personal initiative to step outside the traditional norms of what they believe they are capable of and what is possible for them.

Through creating this solid foundation, we can build the economic success through business skills training that meets the women where they are starting from.

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Teaching women to lead, communicate, negotiate, sell and understand how to operate a profitable business or embark on entry into the workforce.

Systemic change through governments and societies of course is needed but slow to transform the experience for most women.

Internal transformation and innovative business skills designed to empower women on both a personal and economic level can deliver change straight to the day to day lives of women.

Our International Programs deliver the skills to help women Stand Up, Speak Out and Soar into their highest potential.

Educating, Elevating and Empowering Women to build a brighter future for themselves, their family and entire communities.

  • The Confidence to go after your Dreams.
  • The Self-Worth to Realize you are Capable.
  • Innovative Business Skills that Meet You Where You Are.
  • The Plan to start or grow a Business.
  • The skills to operate and profit.
  • Become Empowered to Lead, Negotiate, Sell and Communicate.
  • The Strategy to Embark on entry into the Workforce
I Am Worth It International Programs
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Helping women be heard, be respected and be economically empowered.

Making change possible
One empowered woman at a time


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