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Meet Tammy

Meet Tammy Sherger ... I Am Worth It Project Founder, Entrepreneur, Author, TEDx Speaker, your 6 Figure + Business and Life strategist who challenges you to look within yourself to discover who and what you can be, turning possibilities into realities.

Today, with over 20 years of high-level business experience, Tammy knows what it takes to get that promotion, build that start up, land that raise, and negotiate a "yes" to the things you really want.

Known for her impactful, inspiring, no-fluff coaching Tammy teaches women -- through live events, her corporate programs, online course and mentorship masterminds.

Tammy’s journey and her passion to share her experiences through both business and philanthropic endeavors are both inspirational and motivational. Tammy is waking women up around the world with her global movement to help them live the Worthy, Wealthy Lifestyle.

Tammy lives in Canada and teaches around the world.

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Corporate Programs

Corporate Programs

For companies who understand the return on investment when they educate, elevate and empower women in the workplace.

Speaking & Media

Speaking & Media

Impactful, inspiring no-fluff strategies to succeed your career, business and life!

Worthiness Warrior Inner Circle

Worthiness Warrior Inner Circle

Shining the light on the PATH to your success!

It’s time to stop waiting for others to change the world for you.

Now more than ever we need to feel we are good enough.

The transformative moment of Tammy Sherger's life took five decades to show up, but that single moment changed everything. And it came in the form of words from her elderly mother that imprinted deeply: One day, Tammy, your time will have run out and it will be too late. If you don't go after your dreams, if you don't follow what makes you happy, you will resent it. And it will be too late to fix it.

From her first job making $1.35 an hour, to the boardroom of a major corporation, to taking the leap as an "unlikely entrepreneur", Tammy has spent her life working hard but never feeling quite worthy enough. After 25 years of leading, coaching and mentoring thousands of people, Tammy Sherger has discovered that when she retrained her brain, she unearthed her own worthiness and found real success in life.

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I Am Worth It Project

Entrepreneur, business & life strategist Tammy Sherger is the founder of the "I AM WORTH IT" Project

The Journey To Here

Tammy Sherger - Journey To Here

I grew my career from the stock room floor to the boardroom table and along the way trained, coached and mentored thousands of women. I was a driver behind the roll-out of one of the most successful membership models: the Costco Executive card, and along with a small group of people built a start-up company from an idea to a 125-million-dollar market cap.

I know a thing or two about what it takes to be successful as a woman in business especially when the world is telling you that you are not qualified.

Today, with over 20 years of high-level business experience, I know what it takes to get that promotion, build that start-up, land that raise, and negotiate a "yes" to the things you really want.

I know the world may have told you, over and over again, that you're not enough. That success is reserved for special people. That you have to choose just one part of your life to focus on... but that's not true.

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Jennifer M

I was so lost... I'm too old... [Now] I've tripled my salary.

Jolene F

It changed my life! ... Anyone can do anything if you follow Tammy's steps.

Colleen M

Do it! Come and do it! It's eye opening and Tammy has really opened my eyes to where I need to go in life.

Melody C

This is a workshop that I will be talking about for a very long time!

Suzie A

Tammy is amazing, I just have to say that. She is full of passion and love ... It has been an amazing event.

You, my love, are worth it.

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