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For companies who are asking how can we educate, elevate & empower women in our workplace.

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The I Am Worth It Project helps educate, elevate and empower women in business through our online programs and instructor led group training sessions.

We operate out of our own in-house training facility with a 40-seat capacity for in-person classes and are fully set up from lighting to technology to teach via live stream or zoom with no capacity limits.

A transformation architect, performance driver and profit maker Tammy worked her way up from the stock room floor to the boardroom table as a C-Suite executive.

As a former Costco Executive, HR Executive and Chief Administrative Officer Tammy Sherger understands the struggle between people and profit in all sizes of business from start-up to large corporate environments.

All I Am Worth It Project curriculum is designed to drive results for people and business.

Unlike many training programs that have a shelf life that only exists during the training period we have developed training that can be implemented and sustained when the learner returns to the business environment.

This allows both the learner and the business to see results in leadership, productivity, engagement, revenue, reduced expenses and profit.

Career Acceleration for Women in Business

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Systemic change through corporations and governments of course is needed but slow to transform the experience for most women.

Internal transformation and innovative business skills designed by a woman for women can deliver change straight to the workplace for women.

Our Corporate Programs will provide strategy, tools and skills that can be implemented immediately by each individual woman so they can see change happen.

  • Maximize your Personal Influence
  • Master the Art of Business Communication
  • Business Strategy Made Simple
  • Sell with Ease
  • Negotiate to a YES with Confidence
  • Design Your Life Set Goals that You will Achieve
  • Be the Leader people Want to Follow
I Am Worth It Corporate Programs
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Tammy can educate your female workforce with programs to elevate & empower women in your workplace.

Creating a win-win for Women & Business

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Canada-Alberta Job Grant Program

The government will help pay for training!

For eligible training programs, the Canada-Alberta Job Grant will reimburse you up to 2/3rds for each trainee. Follow the guides on this page to take you through the application process. If you have any questions, we're here to help you! Contact us for assistance.

Canada-Alberta Job Grant Step 1

Canada-Alberta Job Grant Applicant Guide

Start by reviewing the applicant guide carefully.
Canada-Alberta Job Grant Step 2

Application Form / Checklist

Then complete the application checklist.
Canada-Alberta Job Grant Step 3

Reimbursement / Quick Reference Guide

Once the training is completed, get reimbursed!
Canada-Alberta Job Grant Step 4

Completion Form / Checklist

Finish using this completion form and final checklist.


Please reach out and let us share with you how we can support the women in your business.

And recap the return on investment through higher revenue and increased profits.
We can also show you how to take advantage of the government of Canada Job Grant to offset the cost of eligible training programs.

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Corporate Programs

Corporate Programs

For companies who understand the return on investment when they educate, elevate and empower women in the workplace.

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Speaking & Media

Impactful, inspiring no-fluff strategies to succeed your career, business and life!

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