7 Hidden Success Secrets for Women

There's a lot of things that they don't teach you in school, like how to take that education into the real world and make yourself successful.

Welcome to the "7 Hidden Success Secrets," that they don't teach you in school but they really should. I'm Tammy, founder of the, "I Am Worth It Project" and I want to just take an opportunity to walk you through the seven steps so we can have some personal one-on-one time together. Here's the thing, you know, education is fabulous and we all go and we get this education and we learn specific skill sets, but there's a lot of things that are not taught to you in traditional education and the major part of this is how to take that education, that skill that you have, and take it into the real world and make yourself successful.

Let's start at the top with NUMBER 1 what is now a fad term, the imposter syndrome, where you don't feel like you're capable of doing what you're actually doing. But here's the thing the imposter syndrome is really just a worthiness tank that's empty in disguise. When we don't feel good about ourselves that's where I call it like chasing worthiness, I'm not good enough, smart enough, thin enough, or hundreds of other kinds of enough that there is out there and this is an age-old problem, we all face it and you have to actually practice worthiness. Worthiness is not something that you either have, or don't have, it's something that you practice like you would a nutritional program, a fitness program, it's a lifestyle that you live and it's routine and ritual that makes yourself feel good every day, that's building yourself up. It's not really an imposter syndrome it's a worthiness tank on empty. The number one piece of advice I'll give you about that, focus every day on feeling good.

Okay, NUMBER 2, is we believe that success is just for special people. That there's these other people out there and they have been awarded this special designation and they're going to get all of the success so what's the point of me even trying that's just not my lot in life. I hear women telling me that all the time that I don't have what it takes to do what that person does, but you certainly do. And success is not just for success, or special people, the difference between a successful person, and a person who just wants to be successful but hasn't made it yet, is only one thing, action, action. take that action, a little bit of action every day to move forward and, you know, going through the confidence and the fear and doing it anyways and all those things and that is really the only difference.

NUMBER 3 We've been trained to fit in, follow the crowd, we don't like to be uncomfortable, we don't want people not to like us. We don't stray off that path we are kind of like sheep and we follow each other through our life basically doing all the same things. And that's okay if you're happy with that, but if you're not you have to remember you can't always fit in. Sometimes you have to stand out or you weren't born to blend in you were born to stand out. Be willing to take that risk and it's honestly just a feeling because people don't think about you as much as you think they do.

NUMBER 4 If you want to have one advantage in this world it's to deliver. Deliver on your commitments, deliver on your promises, be on time, say thank you, meet your budgets, do all these kinds of things. This is the number one skill that they do not teach in school. They do not teach you to execute and that's my favorite course that I teach is how do you actually get things done, because no one teaches us how to do that. Delivery is your biggest competitive advantage because we're not taught it and most people can't do it on a regular basis.

NUMBER 5 This was a problem that I personally had, waiting to be noticed. I came away from my childhood with this belief that just work hard and everything's going to be okay. The problem with that is that I would work hard and I never would get noticed because you know why, people have other things to do. And we have this imaginary belief about all these bosses and leaders that are out there just waiting to notice how wonderful we're doing when basically most of them have been put in roles that they're not trained for. Do not wait to be noticed. I'm saying this in every training video, have a success journal so you're tracking everything that you've contributed and the successful things you do every day so that you can speak to it and most importantly so that you know it.

NUMBER 6, if you don't ask the answer is always no. If you're waiting for someone to give you that raise, to give you that sale, to sign that contract, and you think it's just going to happen it's not. You have to ask for what you want because if you don't ask the answer is always no.

NUMBER 7 And my all time favorite because I could go on rants about selling because this is a topic that keeps women poor, okay? I have met so many broke entrepreneurs because they think that selling is a bad word and culturally, we've made it a bad word. It's one of those cultural fairy tales where if you're selling that's shady, tricky, you're trying to take advantage of people and people will say, oh selling is about relationships and no, you know what it is, your relationship is built when you deliver on what you sold to the person when you were selling. Selling is not a bad word, we're always selling. We're selling when we're dating, we're selling ourselves when we're interviewing. Mother Nature is selling to us when we look out the window in the morning and if it's sunny, we're like, yeah, it's a great day, and if it's a blizzard we're like, oh no this is going to be a terrible day. But we're created all these replacement words like selling from the heart, and relationship selling, but we're still selling and there is absolutely nothing wrong with selling. Selling keeps the economy rolling and you can't get through life without selling. Change the way you think about selling. And those are your "7 Hidden Secrets" and if you can take advantage of making sure that these are traps that you don't fall into, you're going to change your success.

Pick up your crown and reclaim your place on the throne.

Because you my love are worth it


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