5 Unwritten Selling Rules You Need To Follow When You're A Business Mom

You'll find out here the 5 unwritten selling rules everyone should follow to make and increase your sales.

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Selling is one of the wealth blocks that a lot of women experience. As you start your business, helping people is one of the goals that you want to achieve. That's fabulous, but you're not really ever going to help anyone if you are not able to sell them your product, service, or expertise.

Today, I’ll discuss the 5 UNWRITTEN SELLING RULES everyone should follow to MAKE and INCREASE your SALES.

1. You're not just there to help people, you have to HELP YOURSELF in order to help others.

If they never experience what you do, you're not really helping them. But even more importantly, guess who else you're not helping? Yourself. Helping people means they're experiencing your product, service, or expertise.

2. Selling is an EXCHANGE OF VALUE.

You're offering your product, service, or expertise and your customer or client is giving you money. That's the exchange of value. It is not you being pushy, rude, or impolite to sell or ask for the sale.

3. You have to believe that YOU’RE WORTH WHAT YOU’RE ASKING FOR.

One of the main reasons why women fail to sell is because somewhere you don't believe that you're worth what you're asking for. If that's the case, it's time to fill up that worthiness tank.

4. Don't buy into some COMMON SELLING MYTHS.

For example, as I'm going to follow my passion and the money will come. It's so not true, okay? It's not going to just come by magic. If you have a business and you want to go out on your own and you have a service or a product or expertise that you want to make available to people, you have to sell it.

5. You have to ASK FOR THE SALE.

The more you practice asking for the sale by having that closing line, the easier it gets until it just comes naturally to you. Then you stop getting that bad feeling in the pit of your stomach when the time comes to ask and instead feel good about what you offer.

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