5 Tricks Pro Business Moms Use To Get Ahead

Being one step ahead of your game, especially when it comes to business, gives us a sense of confidence.

Did you know?

Your confidence will push you to do MORE and AIM HIGHER in your business. If you are new to being a BUSINESS MOM, here are 5 TRICKS you can do to GET AHEAD and succeed in your field of expertise.

1. Have a DEDICATED TIME that you spend on your business.

If you don't actually schedule that time in or put it in your calendar, as a mom, you're going to get pulled in a hundred different directions. In order to run that business, you have to schedule time in for it, and it's going to make you feel good because you're going to accomplish things.


Find the right group. When you're looking at all those meetups or you're Googling business women groups, pick ones where you're going to find your ideal client. You need to go there prepared. What is your goal while you're there? Is it to get five business cards so you can set up meetings?

3. BUST those negative selling beliefs.

If you get that bad feeling in the pit of your stomach, when you have to ask for a sale, it is time to bust those negative selling beliefs. Selling is not bad. It's an exchange of value. You have a product, service, or expertise and the other person has money.


Your sales process starts with who is your ideal client, where do you find them and what are you doing every day to get new leads. Once you get that lead, what is that next step? Is it a meeting? Is it you going to their place of business? Finally, most importantly, how do you deliver on what you promised in the selling process?

5. Make sure that you BUILD PROCESS into everything you do.

You have to be writing processes for every single task that you do even if it seems tedious at the time. It's the strongest foundation you can have for your business and leads directly to more profit.

Pick up your Crown and Reclaim your place on the Throne

Because you my love, are worth it


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