5 Steps To Shortcut Your Way To Being A Business Mom

Are you thinking of how long it will take you to become the business mom you always wanted to be? Why take the long road, when there’s a shortcut?

Hey, my love!

As much as it’s true that there’s no shortcut to success, we take advantage of things that can make our business journey a little faster and easier. Here are 5 SIMPLE STEPS to SHORTCUT your way to being a business mom:

1. Know your SUPERPOWER.

We all have our own brilliance hidden inside us, and it's just a matter of doing that excavation and digging it out. Here is the easiest way. We all have something we love to do, right? Do you love photography? Do you love helping people organize? So pick just that one thing, it doesn't have to be perfect and it doesn't mean you're committing to it for the rest of your life. Then give yourself 15 or 20 minutes, just some time on your own when you can do some free writing. What would you tell a friend about your favorite topic? Write down all the ideas you come up with.

2. Start with one IDEAL CLIENT.

Select one ideal client and research them. How can you research them? Google. You're not going to sell to the whole entire world. They're not going to be your customers. So find that one person and head out and go and talk to them. This starts the process of knowing what your potential client wants and the words they use to describe it.

3. BUST THAT MYTH that you just have to follow what you're passionate about and all the money and glory and success will come.

That's not the way business works. A business takes some strategy, which is why you have to do the work ahead of time.

4. Do some COLD CALLING.

Go find some places where that ideal client hangs out. Is it at the coffee shop? Is it at a networking event? Is it at the gym? Start asking them questions and gather information about your ideal clients. This information forms how you write your message. This message must reflect the hopes, dreams, or pain in your client's words, not yours.

5. You have to learn how to ASK FOR A SALE.

Have a closing line. A closing line is something as simple as, “Hey, are you ready to sign up now?” “Hey, here's the paperwork. Let's just sign on the dotted line.” “Hey, I actually have two of those still in stock. I'm going to go get them for you.” It's up to the other person to say no if they don't want what you're selling, but it's your responsibility as a business mom to ask the closing line and to close that sale.

Pick up your Crown and Reclaim your place on the Throne

Because you my love, are worth it


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