5 Selling Tips For That Business Mom Who Hates To Sell

Many women I meet love what they do but hate to sell. So, what can you do when you just don't like selling? Find out here.

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Selling is one of the wealth blocks that keep women from being as abundant and as wealthy as they deserve to be. Here are FIVE TIPS you can follow:

1. Know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Many women believe that selling is bad. Our culture has made selling a bad word and because of that, we have created replacement words so that we don't feel shame for selling. Either way, we’re still selling.


We're selling in interviews; we're selling at the bank if we want a mortgage. If we're running a non-profit, we're selling what we are doing so that we can get other people to donate money to support our cause. There is nothing wrong with selling, it doesn't happen just at the point of the sale, we are always selling.

3. Do not EVER say this again “I just want to help people.”

You need to ban that sentence and never ever use it again. You should never have to justify why you are selling. The number one person you should help first is yourself when you're helping yourself, you're helping others. When people are using your product, service, or expertise, guess what? You are helping them.

4. Asking for a sale is NOT RUDE, NOT PUSHY, and NOT IMPOLITE.

You can see the negative shame that has been created around selling especially on Facebook. Posts putting women down because they have asked for a sale before they have built a relationship. As women, we need to rise up together and empower each other to sell, because that's how we're going to increase our wealth. Instead of shaming, send that woman who had the courage to ask for a sale a note and let them know, I'm really proud of you for asking for that sale.

5. Remember that selling is an EXCHANGE of value.

There's nothing wrong with it, it's not bad, selling is an exchange of value.


Do you also hate to sell before? What did you do to overcome it? Let me know what your thoughts are and leave a comment below.

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