5 Secrets to Make More Money in Your Business

Thank you so much for taking the time to discover the Five Secrets for Women "to Make More Money in Their Business."

Welcome Tammy Sherger here, founder of the I Am Worth It Project, and thank you so much for taking the time to discover the Five Secrets for Women "to Make More Money in Their Business." You know, as women, we have to embrace the power of money as the fuel for our dreams.

Okay, let's get started right away, because what is secret number one to make more money in your business? Well, the first secret is really to know, what do you want? How much more money do you want to make? Because once you can determine what that goal is, first of all, you have a single focus to go after, but it allows you to reverse engineer and decide, what are your options in order to make more money?

Dream a little bigger. If your first thought is, I want to make $10,000 more, make that goal just a little bit bigger. Maybe $15,000, because often, we hold ourselves back from what we're really capable of. What's your goal? What do you want to achieve?

Okay, number two. Ask yourself this question. Are you charging enough for your product, service, or expertise? Most often when I work with my women clients, I find that they're undervaluing what they do and they're not charging enough. And it's more than likely you can increase your prices. That will help you go and make more money. So how can you decide if you're charging enough? Well, look around the marketplace. And you know, make sure that you're going with your full value. What have you actually achieved? What have you been able to accomplish for your clients and customers? But I can almost bet that you are undercharging for what you do.

Okay, number three. You have to know what costs are associated with your business. Now, if you're going to generate more revenue, the goal is also to be able to keep it. If you're generating more revenue but you're substantially increasing your costs and not really, at the bottom line, making more money, then it's not worth it to you. Make sure that you know what it costs to run your business, to deliver that product, service, or expertise. And don't forget to give yourself an hourly rate that you charge out, because your time is money. Your time is money.  

Okay, number four. Almost to a woman, every woman business owner that I meet or entrepreneur, they want to help people. And there's nothing wrong with wanting to help people, as long as you're helping yourself first. And they often give away so much of their product, service, and expertise for free in the guise of helping people, which there's nothing wrong with. However, if you're not making profit in your business, you shouldn't be giving anything away for free. There's lots of ways and opportunities to contribute value in the form of social media content that will help you give value to people who can't afford your product, service, or expertise.

Okay, and five, I said this at the beginning. Money is not a bad word. And as women, we carry so many false beliefs and shame around money. We believe we can be a good person or we can have money. We can have a huge impact or we can have money.

But none of that is mutually exclusive. There's nothing wrong with having both, and money, wealth, is the fuel for your dreams. And keep this in mind. You didn't invent money, so you weren't even alive when that was decided that that piece of paper was going to be the currency that we would use to exchange for value. I really want you to keep in mind that you have to look at your money beliefs and make sure that you're not afraid to talk about money and say that you want money.

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