About The I Am Worth It Project

Helping women stand up, speak out, and soar!

A teenage mom, a 16-year chaotic marriage and stripped of her wealth when she made the courageous decision to leave and forge a new life for herself and her children, Tammy Sherger’s life is a case study in possibility and hope for everyone.

Teetering at the start of a new beginning for herself and her teenage children, she was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer at the age of 36.

"That was the day that death became a close reality for me instead of distant event that would take place sometime in my future. This one moment took me on an extraordinary journey traveling from deep despair and overwhelming regret to being able to follow my true passion and live my life beyond what I had ever dreamed possible for myself as a young girl."

Even though she didn’t know it at the time the seeds of the I Am Worth It Project were planted in Tammy’s promise to herself that if she lived, she would live a life free from regret.

I Know How It Feels To Be Waiting And Hoping For Someone Else To Notice Your Hard Work, to Recognize You With A Raise, A Promotion, A Contract Or A Loan. You Can Stop Waiting...

Success is simpler when there is someone to shine the light on the path ahead of you.

When you realize that you do not lack willpower, that you're not a quitter that you have what it takes to be successful... it will change how you make decisions in the world.

You can stop watching other successful women thinking “why can't that be me” because you will know that success is not just for special people, it’s for you too.

​When you are living the highest version of yourself it radiates out to everyone around you, benefiting more than just yourself.

You’re in the right place. In this community, we harness the power of non-traditional education, empowerment, worthiness, wealth and connection.

We’re waking women up around the globe and helping them realize their greatest potential.

True freedom only happens when you control your own worth and wealth.

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It’ Time to Pick Up Your Crown and Reclaim Your Place on the Throne

Changing the World for Everyone

One Worthy, Wealthy Woman at a Time

MEET Tammy

Tammy teaches women how to make their impossible become possible.

Discover what is really holding you back from the life you only dare dream about. And I guarantee you it’s not what you think.

  • It’s not money
  • Time
  • Lack of skills or education

Uncover the #1 Wealth Block that is holding many women back from earning the money that is the fuel for their dreams.

If the human brain is the most powerful computer on the planet, the I Am Worth it Project is a method of reprogramming the code that convinces us not to strive for the next level of success.

Stop downplaying your achievements and putting a ceiling on your success.

Every day is bursting with opportunity and possibility for those who wake up and tell themselves the truth: “I am worth it.”

Because it's time to stop silently waiting to be noticed, waiting for someone else to give you the recognition and reward you know you deserve.

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